Friday, February 25, 2011

Small Things

Lesser MenWhere: In a comfortable chair next to a window while watching the snow fall.
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Father, today is a day of hope and still there is grief.  I have concerns and hopes.  Do I live in obedience?  How much of my day is spent in surrender?  I do what comes before me, what I believe You want me to do. I don't ask what you want enough.  Don't let me waste time, let my moments be unto Your will and for Your glory.  Speak to me through Your Word.  Make this a day of joy as I delight in you.  Let Your peace come over my house and my family.  Glorify Yourself today.  Just let me watch and obey.  In Christ, Amen.


Mark 4:21-41; Psalm 27:7-14


(Ask, Analyze, Apply)

I'm intriguer by the investment language in Mark 4.  In these parables about the Kingdom, Jesus seems to reflect themes of disclosure and multiplication.  I get the idea that part of Kingdom living is investing by obeying.  We do what God asks of us when it seems insignificant and unpopular.  We may even be tempted to hide our Kingdom obedience.  God will bring what is secret into light.  He will multiply our obedience for a Kingdom harvest.


In the Kingdom of God, small things are never small for long.  He makes the widow's penny into all that is needed.  He is the God of multiplication and hope.  Nothing good is small in His eyes.  I look forward to the wonder of His harvest.


Today, I am looking to do very small things with very great purpose, knowing that every moment must be to His glory.

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  1. Thank you, Dan, for these words. You have given me some things to consider. I am astounded every day how big our God is!