Sunday, September 26, 2010

What is the difference between judgement and accountability?

Many times I have allowed friends acquaintances and churchgoers sin without confronting them. Usually, the end result is that they suffer and the church is defamed.

In the other hand, I have also confronted fellow Christians of sin and have been accused of judging. Well...I've heard them complain about people judging them and been afraid to say anything.

Here's my dilemma: If accountability can be confused with judgment, how do I support and challenge my friends?

I believe this tension is keeping many of us from our biblical role to sharpen one another. So, here are a few principles to apply to accountability:

1. God is holy. He doesn't tolerate sin. Letting sin go is not an option.
2. God is gracious. He forgives sin. Unforgiveness is not an option.
3. Accountability should be done in relationship. Paul confronted people and churches he knew.
4. Accountability should be done for restoration. If your goal is to point out sin, you have failed at accountability. If your goal is to walk with your friend to restoration, you are on the right track.
5. Prayer is vital. You can't change anybody, and they can't change themselves. Ask the Holy Spirit to do the changing.

Can you recall a time when someone lovingly kept you accountable?

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