Monday, September 27, 2010

The Right Words

(If I were to add a slice to this graphic, I would add "Hearing Christians say the right thing and do nothing about it.")

Many of you know that I teach a theology class for Liberty University Online.  The discussion board is an important part of the learning process in the class.  Students must form, articulate and defend opinions about the Word of God and the Church.

In the second half of the course, we ask students to give two things churches can do to better minister to their communities.  Consistently, students say things like "love more," "stop bickering," "get involved in community events," etc.  It occurred to me today that nearly 100% of my students and (statistically speaking) nearly 100% of the Church believes we need to argue less, love more, and connect with lost people more.

When it comes to understanding what we need to do at an abstract level, we have the right idea.  What concerns me is that out ability to practically and effectively apply these principles is currently inversely proportional to how much Nickelback is ruining American radio.

(For my tasteless readers who enjoy the mind-numbing repetition of Nickelback, I would like to affirm that they have one good song.  My concern with them is that they have re-released that song with a different set of cliche  lyrics nearly 10 times now.  They seriously need to write some new material, perhaps under the influence of some classic artists like Hendrix, Floyd or Skynyrd.)

James 1:22-24 warns us against knowing the truth and doing nothing.  One of the things I challenge my students to do is give me two very practical ways churches can redeem relationships within the church and engage the community.

Do you have any?  What can we do to better engage the community?  Are you willing to commit to do something?  Can anyone do something about Nickelback?

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