Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I love it when a plan comes together."

The A-Team was a classic show. Really, the only thing that show needed was Mr. T. But add crazy Murdock, Face, and the brilliant planning of John “Hannibal” Smith and you have a show that lives on forever. I’ll never forget that opening theme song as Mr. T used a chain saw to make a new door.

What was especially cool about the show was how four veteran misfits were able to perfectly come together in their imperfection to save the day. Whenever this happened their leader, Hannibal used to say “I love it when a plan comes together.” Sometimes I listen to the A-Team theme song just to get pumped up on the way to church. Secretly, on good days, I imagine myself in leather gloves with a cigar saying the classic line.

This week, I had a “Hannibal moment” as I watch Serve Elyria come together. The interesting thing is that unlike the A-Team, I can’t take the credit. Plans that I made are not working out in ways that work out with other plans that I made that are not working out. God is working things together. It is interesting how that works out. The plan always comes together, but never in a way that I can get the glory for it. He is Hannibal Smith watching everything together, and I’m “Mad Murdock” playing my part in the plan without having any idea what is actually going on.

The roles of B.A Baracus (Mr.T) and Face are still open if you want to sign up. See you at 9:00am in Ely Square.

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