Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have come to an uncomfortable realization.  It is more of a facing of facts, really.  I now know that books, the ones made of paper are quickly fading away.  More than that, publication and industry promotion of creative works of any kind are becoming less of a reality for writers and artists.

This bothers me just a little.  However, it also creates a wonderful opportunity.  For the last 5 years or so, I have written chapters for a book.  I didn't feel like the whole book was in me, but I kept writing a piece at a time.  As time goes on, I fear that the book will be less potent for me.  I may lose interest and stop writing, maybe even forget about it.  I don't want that to happen.  I'm also not sure that a publishing company is going to knock down my door this year for me to write on the topic of my book.  So, I have decided to post the first chapter of my book.  Read it and give me your feedback.

Here is what I would really like to know: Should I post this book in my blog or hold out try to finish it over an indefinite time frame that may or may not lead to publication?

Look for the post on Black Friday.


  1. Write the book. In book form. Find a type writer if you can. jk. But really, write the book. With that said, I would really like to read the first chapter still.

  2. Blog it chapter by chapter, it's a good way of getting your self out there. Keep writing; you obviously have something to say, so say it. Thanks so much for the visit today, WHAT A BLESSING! your brother from another mother
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