Monday, April 26, 2010


Have you spent months or even years investing in a pre-Christian friend only to have them surrender to Christ by praying with someone else? If so, then you have witnessed the work of an “Evangevulture.”

Evangevultures are sometimes seen as gifted evangelists, but this is not usually the case. In fact, they can barely be considered evangelists at all (at least as far as their evangevulturing goes). They are the ones who are given (or take) the credit, so that the real evangelists don’t get cocky. Don’t hate them! They are a vital part of our ecclesiological (church) ecosystem. They may not be pretty. They may even be annoying and ugly, but we need them. Otherwise, the real evangelists would become prideful and ineffective.

Get ready for a shock: I am an Evangevulture! Speaking for my fellow evangevultures, I can tell you that this wasn’t a choice. The Holy Spirit is setting us up! Let me give you an example. Recently someone called into the church and ask to be witnessed to. Yes, you heard it right. They called in and asked for a gospel presentation! He surrendered his life to Christ within 5 minutes. I think that is an evangevultures record. It was easier than taking youth ministry classes at Liberty University!

Evangevultures only work part-time. Real evangevultures spend most of their time building relationships, bringing friends to Life Group, etc. They are always witnessing to their friends, but the people they witness to surrender to Christ with someone else. Don’t be sad. It’s just how things work. They get the privilege of evangevulturing pre-Christians that someone else has witnessed to. Evangevultures have learned to accept this reality.

There is such a thing as “Evangevulture Wannabes.” In a recent post I referenced door to door evangelism. When you try to force conversions without the help of the Holy Spirit, you become an "Evangefulture Wannabe," like the chicken hawk on the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. He’s 6 inches tall but wants to prey on full-sized animals. Rookie mistake! Evangevultures don’t go knocking on doors or dropping tracts that look like fake $50 bills. Evangevultures build relationship, live the gospel and wait…..wait….they are masters at waiting.

By the way: $50 Bill Tracts could be the worst ministry tools ever invented by Christians. “Ooh! What’s this?! A fifty dollar bill! Now I can buy that pagan music CD I’ve been wanting!” When he unfolds the bill and finds “The Million Dollar Question” instead of genuine currency, the name of our Savior will leave his mouth, but not as an act of surrender. I wonder if Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have ever been charged with counterfeiting.

In seriousness, evangelism is a Spirit-led endeavor. He is the Great Evangelist. To learn how to work alongside Him, sign up for Leading in the Adventure.

Coming this week: Emergend? Part 2 (a.k.a. “Apologetic Jiu Jitsu”).

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