Monday, March 22, 2010

Roaring Poetry

Ride the Lion

If I were a man of mounted steed
I would not choose a horse to ride
For with a horse I'd choose my way
And safely I would stay

No, if I had a cause to ride
I'd grasp a beast of prey
For though I might not live to tell
Alive would be my day

I'd hold with all the might of men
Who wish for something real
And everything I did that day
Would be alive with zeal

The Lion is a kingly beast
The Sovereign of all things
No bridle built can tame this king
No man can tame His way

And if I grasp His mane today
I'll clench with all my might
We'll ride to places now unseen
We'll climb the highest height

The world will watch with joy and awe
And hope will boil free
We'll live and love and hope again
The Lion King and me

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